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We are a shotgun choke tube company that specializes in improving your shotgun patterns. Our line of directional* diagonally-ported chokes for hunting and competition significantly increase pattern performance (15% to 20% density), and reduce muzzle jump and felt recoil. All of our chokes are roll-marked externally for quick choke identification and don't require a wrench for installation or removal. Our competition chokes (12 & 20 gauge ) for skeet trap sporting clays and FITASC are finished in polished stainless steel and our hunting chokes (10, 12 & 20 gauge) have a black matte finish. Both are available replacement thread systems.

*Directional: The angle of the ports is 135 degrees away from the shooter, reducing side blast prevalant in ports 90 degrees or less. Because of it's sharp angle, the inside forward lip "grabs", stabilizes and slows the wad for faster separation of wad and shot column. This feature combined with a parallel section where the constriction is held constant produces great patterns. The external portion extends 1 3/4" from the muzzle and isn't noticable when shooting.
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